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KickStart Your Path to Publication

The Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit

Grab a front-row seat and listen to 24 speakers at this four-day event that will give you countless insider secrets on everything you could possibly want to know about mindset, book writing, publishing, and marketing.


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Summit Speakers
Tuesday, September 12th: Your Author Mindset

Danielle Joworski

The VisibelleCEO

The ABC's of Invisibility: How to Rewrite your Visibility Story 

LaToya Zavala

Freed and Powered Up

I Am the Storm: Owning, Accessing, and Activating Our Truest Identity, Purpose, and Inner Power

Dan Janal

Write Your Book in a Flash 

3 Keys for Getting Your Book Done Quickly and Impactfully 

Julie Mann

Julie Mann

Book Writing Habits and How Hypnosis and EFT Can Help

David Greenberg

Cultivating Internal Monarchy and Working with Natural Law

Simone Usselman-Tod

Simone Usselman-Tod Coach

Break Free from Imposter Syndrome

Summit Speakers
Wednesday, September 13th: Book Writing

Angela Wilson

Angela Unlimited

How to Dream Bigger, Speak Louder, and Fly Higher

Cheri Merz

Metaprosperity LLC

Writing to Attract a Target Audience

Shari Reinhart

Shari Reinhart, Ghostwriter

How to Work with a Ghostwriter

Theresa McNeilly

Do The Work Books

How to Develop and Design a Simple Sheet of Paper to Attract, Engage and Create a Transformational Tool for Your Audience.

Penny Hopkinson

Manual Writers International

Create Your Book Outline with AI

Frank Dick

FWD - Professor Frank W Dick OBE

High Performance Book Writing Tips from an International Coach and Author

Summit Speakers
Thursday, September 14th: Book Publishing

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis Reads

Every Fourth Reader Is Listening; Getting Your Book Into Their Ears

Kelly Pasholk

Wink Visual Arts

Powerful Cover Design Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

Tim Lindsay

Tellwell Publishing

From Purpose to Impact: A Holistic View of the 10 Steps to Publishing a Nonfiction Book

Susan Crossman

Awakening Author

Activate Your Inner Author: Six Points of Leverage to Start Writing More, Better, NOW!

Sarah Scott

Barlow Books

First Steps to Writing a Book

 Rusti Lehay

Word Quest

The Four Things Every Writer Needs on the Road to Publication

Summit Speakers
Friday, September 15th: Book Marketing

Jackie Bailey

The Speak Feed Lead Project

5 Rules of Effective Conversation | From Curiosity to Questions to Clients

Youth Speaker Panel

The Speak Feed Lead Project

Mastering Your Message: a Panel of Youth Author-Speakers Share How They’ve Gone Beyond the Fear of Public Speaking

Donna Kunde

IBGR.Network Global

The 80% Advantage: How Your Book Sets You Up for A Thought Leadership Masterpiece

Alex Strathdee

Advanced Amazon Ads

How to Actually Move Books on Amazon: From Starting to Scaling

Lori Ames

ThePRFreelancer, Inc.

Navigating Book Publicity

Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones

What Are 4 Marketing Steps You Can Use to Market Your Book?

September 12 - 15, 2023

6:30 AM to 2:30 PM Pacific Time
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time
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